Is my home safe?

I have lived in the northern part of Canada for about five years and finally, I get to leave this place! I moved up here for work and I have regretted it ever since. The one and the only problem I have with living in the Great White North is the freezing cold weather that never seems to go away. Even in the dead of summer, there will be days where it only gets up to the mid-forties. This is no way for people to have to live. Luckily my job offered me a promotion and executive position down in their Orlando branch. Sun and fun are in my future, and the only thing left for me to do is sell this house and buy a plane ticket. I bought this home due to how insanely cheap it was, but I have been plagued with so many problems that it has become a terrible investment. The latest troubles found me having to deal with a Radon gas problem in the basement. Radon is a cancer-causing substance that can be found in soil throughout the world. It gets into homes through cracks and holes that develop in the foundation where dirt and soil can get in. So in addition to having to seal a crack in the foundation, I also have to install a sub-slab ventilation system to get the Radon out into the atmosphere. At this point, I feel this home should be eligible for a tax write-off due to all the money I have put into it. I can’t wait to get to Florida!

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