Tracking through the mud

At the start of June both of us had a birthday get together at our house. My youngest child was turning 7 & the only thing she could think about was having a princess get together at our summer home. My better half and I decided to rent a great big water-themed party kit that was pink & shaped similar to a castle of fountains to go along with the theme that she wanted, but she got all dressed up in a yellow & pink fairy tale themed swimsuit & she asked all of her little playmates to come over & play in the fountains. Since we’ve been having some drainage concerns in our backyard, her dad and I had the bounce apartment set up in the front yard. It’s a genuinely good thing that her dad and I decided to set it up out front, too, because the night before it had rained so our backyard ended up looking similar to a swamp than a yard. Nothing was going down the drainage pipes that her dad and I have set up with a utility pump back behind our house, & so the sump pump that normally helps the water to drain out wasn’t finally working at all. My husband attempted to snake the large pipe that runs underground out there, but he just couldn’t get the pipes to clear out. My better half and I ended up having to call our plumber to make his way to our place & use his industrial plumbing tools to get the pipes to clear & beginning draining typically once more. What a mess both of us had back there! The yard was nothing but sludge and muck, but luckily our plumber is also our neighbor so he didn’t have to get a vehicle through the mud & muck to get to the drainage problem. He just came down the sidewalk up front, fixed the pipes, & then he went back to his place.

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