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My wife, Darleen, likes to often go window shopping at our local malls so I naturally go with her. We used to bring our two boys but now that they are older, they can stay at home by themselves. It would be rare to have any alone time with Darleen if we didn’t take some time to go shopping together. We both enjoy spending time outside in the nice breeze while we slowly stroll around the local malls. Last summer it was pretty hot outside and we were always in the air conditioning. I started to note that I was having sneezing episodes when I ventured outside into the hot summer weather. When I eventually found some air conditioning, whether it was in my car or at work, my sneezing fits calmed down. Then it came for Darleen and me to spend some time alone at the local malls. When we got out of our air-conditioned car it was fine and we walked a good distance until I started sneezing. I was sneezing like normal when I’m out of the air conditioning so Darleen and I kept walking. Eventually I started sneezing without pauses in between and I was starting having trouble breathing. I almost incapacitated myself with sneezing when Darleen pulled me inside an air-conditioned store and my sneezing started to subside. We apologized to the store workers and quickly ran to our air-conditioned car. I called my doctor for an appointment, when we met I asked him what I had and why the air conditioning stopped it. He said I have allergic rhinitis and the air conditioning filters out the pollen in the air and blows out clean air.

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