I am a bit worried about the plumbing

Last weekend the two of us had an end of school party at our house. My youngest daughter was getting out of school for the summer & the only thing she could talk about was having a princess party at our cottage. All of us decided to rent a great immense bouncy castle that was pink & shaped like Cinderella’s house to go along with the theme that she asked for, however she got all dressed up in a tulle and satin outfit & she asked all of her little friends to come over & celebrate the end of school. Since we’ve been having some drainage issues in our backyard, the two of us had the forethought to have the bouncy home set up in the front yard. It’s a unquestionably intelligent thing that the two of us decided to set it up out front, too, because the evening before we endured a downpour & our backyard ended up looking more prefer a swamp than a castle yard. The water wasn’t going down the drainage pipes that the two of us have set up with a utility pump in the rear of our house, & so the sump pump that usually helps the water to drain out wasn’t helping much at all. My husband tried to snake the immense pipe that runs through the yard out there, however he just was not able to get the clog to clear out. All of us ended up having to ask our plumber to come over & use his industrial plumbing tools to get the pipes to start draining respectfully again. What a nightmare the two of us had back there! The yard was nothing however swampiness, however luckily our plumber is also our good friend who lives nearby so he didn’t have to drive through the mud & muck to get to the drainage problem. Our plumber and friend just strolled across the backyard, repaired the problem, & then he went back to his place and sent his kids to come play at our end of school party.

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