Air purification

My roommate Melissa is huge smoker. I do not like the odor of it and I am also super worried about secondhand smoke; Additionally, cigarette smoke destroys your home, the smell cling to your carpets and curtains. Also, the smoke tends to color your walls and ceilings. Since our home is technically in Melissa’s name though, so there is not much I can do. The only thing I am able to do is to invest in air quality products. I got an air cleaner for our cooling system in the home. The air cleaner installs directly into our A/C system and they work together; when the A/C turns on, my air cleaner works on the existing air quality. Is this the most perfect solution? Nope, however the air cleaner does help quite a bit. Air purification systems are particularly meant to remove stink and cigarette stink is the first thing listed. So, while the odor is gone, I think that my air quality is not completely clean. If I wanted to do more I could purchase ultraviolet lights for the air conditioner. That would clean the indoor air before it even come out of the A/C system. Air purifiers takes the existing air and removes the harmful particles. UV lights absorb the air and cleans it before you breathe it in but, UV lights are a considerable cost. So, for right now I believe I will stick with my air cleaner and perhaps this will be enough to combat the smoking to make it smell better. If not, I might have to ask Melissa to for out some currency for the UV lights.

UV air purification 

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