We’re forced to wear tons of clothes

I’ve never worked at any establishment that cared less about its employees than my previous workplace. It was a charming building with state of the art equipment, however it was genuinely a spit-shined piece of feces if you worked there. Everything everything looked picture perfect all the time. Appearances meant everything to the administration, but, on the inside it was genuinely miserable. Everyone was a gossip and they had cruel intentions reminiscent of middle school shenanigans. Also, the office administration only gave raises or promotions to the “inner circle” of buddies, while everyone else got underpaid. Lastly, they refused to foster a comfortable environment, keeping the temperature control machine set to 62 degrees at times. Even in the dead of winter, the heater seemed to rarely be operating to maintain this low air temperature. However, in the summer, they must have used so much abundant air conditioning in order to maintain the freezing air conditions. You could feel all the chilly and powerful drafts coming from every direction at once, and there was just no escaping from the continual chill that it caused. Almost every employee there complained about the absurdly low control machine settings, however there was never a resolution from the administration. Instead, every one of us were all forced to wear various extra layers of clothing as well as even bring in our own blankets in order to stay remotely warm throughout the morning. The air conditioning and indoor air conditions never once improved while I was working at that facility, and I don’t miss their corrupt heating control machine dictatorship one bit!

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