We want to make everyone happy

There is no life in the morning before coffee for me. I got myself one of of those alarm clock programmable coffee maker machines, so that the pot of coffee is piping hot plus ready to drink down as soon as I get out of bed. It’s not a luxury for me. It has to happen. I cannot talk to my partner or my children or hear anything that they have to say, before I have that coffee. I am a zombie, shuffling around aimlessly, until the coffee happens! For this reason, I always make sure that I’m the first one up so that I can make myself human again before anyone else is up to see me. I have been thinking about installing some Heating and A/C replacements lately, for partly the same reason as I drink coffee. I want to be nicely air conditioned when I drink coffee. In the Winter or the fall, I will just stand out on the back porch to get that crisp, cooling Winter breeze… But the rest of the year it is just too hot for that. The cold helps to wake me up in the morning, so I need to crank down the cooling system to help cool off. The problem with that is that everyone else in the house thinks I set the A/C too cold, and so they complain. Complaints about weather conditions and climate control are not what I need first thing in the morning, but to make everyone cheerful I want to have a zone temperature control to replace to our central Heating and A/C system. That way, I can set each room to its own temperature on the thermostat and the whole family can get what we all want.

cooling system 

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