There’s a lot of lightning in here

If you love the way that natural light looks in your house, as opposed to artificial lights, you might agree with the simple notion that skylights are the best way to light up your space. We have them in every room of the house, with the exception of our walk-in closet. The nice thing is that every afternoon we wake up with the rising sun. We basically do not need our ceiling lights until the evening, even then I care about the stand-up lamps. The only potential downside I could see with relying on skylights is that periodically the mid-day sun can most certainly heat up our house. For us, it is really no big deal, however numerous people decide to turn on their cooling system as soon as the temperature hits 67 degrees. In our case this is usually unnecessary. Our thermostat is usually set to 68 degrees, whether it is summertime or Winter. Occasionally we just turn the Heating and Air Conditioning system off and open up all the windows and doors. We actually feel like nature is the temperature control system that god made for the two of us, so why not take advantage of that divine heating and cooling system? Of course periodically it gets a bit severe so then I let our Heating and Air Conditioning system kick in. Even our dogs are not big fans of excessive artificial indoor air quality manipulation. We can tell by their facial expressions, and usually when we turn on our gas furnace, they start to pant a bit more than normal. I know it might be the hum of the machinery that makes them nervous as well.

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