It’s sizzling in here

I really prefer Winter interests to summer season interests, however in my family that puts me in the absolute minority. My siblings and cousins are all massive into baseball, tennis and swimming, which are definitely summer season interests. I have regularly prefered ice hockey and football, which can be played in any kind of weather. But I love the cold weather, I always have. My parents never forced me to play summer season interests, thankfully, however they did force me to go to all the games my siblings and cousins played in that summer heat. At least I could find a spot in the shade, which helped a little, however it was no consolation for the air conditioner we had at home. When you play outside and your body starts heating up and making you sweat, a little cooling can go a long way. But having to spend hours out in the bright hot sunlight with no cooling was similar to torture to me. But in the Winter, when it was nice and cool out, then a lack of A/C was just fine. I didn’t need heating to play interests, my body heat quick rose high enough to make me hot all over. I just never understood why most people didn’t just play Winter interests, so we could spend the whole summer season comfy in the air conditioner. I don’t know how those boys did it, because just seeing them play in the sunlight made me crave an air conditioner… Finally I figured out to take the car keys, so I could turn on the car’s cooling and relax in the back seat during those summer season games.

A/C system 

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