I don’t want people to shiver at my home

I am really not the best poster child for professional office etiquette! It’s not that I’m rude or disruptive to our peers in the office so much as I have trouble resting and sitting still for 8 hours at a time every afternoon. I’m quite anxious plus I’m active by nature, plus staring at boring laptop work gets to me after a few hours at a desk. I begin to get a little jittery plus I begin to fidget with things around the workstation, often tapping both my feet plus jittering my legs under our desk as I organize our papers. These behaviors can be somewhat regulated on my part, but the one affliction I can’t overcome is my natural predisposition to being cold. See, spending so much time completely stationary in the cold air-conditioned office is a bit too much for me. I tend to catch a chill around 11am in the morning, and then the low temperature control settings keep me in a frozen state for hours. I try my very best not to complain, so I keep multiple sweatshirts in my desk drawer, but they can’t compete with the low indoor air temperature plus the ultra powerful air conditioning unit that services our building. When I reach full temperature desperation I guess that my fidgeting gets out of control. I know that I begin to annoy my desk neighbors with all the shivering plus the hand rubbing. I’ve tried to explain that the air conditioning is out of hand for my personal comfort, but no one really believes me. I wish every one of us could just compromise on the indoor air quality in there so I could quit getting dirty looks from everyone.

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