I enjoy the temperature control

I work in a steel mill in a small town and I am very lucky to have my position. The mill I work for has been in operation for about a hundred years, but recently they have fallen on hard times. Bigger mills are simply able to undercut their bids on jobs and a few times we’ve come close to being bought out by a larger company. I don’t know if that would be good or not for us workers, but it is exactly the unknown that is so scary. We’ve definitely noticed certain reductions because of the financial squeeze. Our pay raises were cut this year and there hasn’t been any overtime available in months. Lately I’ve been noticing that it is extremely hot when I go into the office to go over some technical point with one of the higher ups. The offices are located on the third floor of the building and as you know heat rises, so during anytime of the year that it is not below freezing out they have to run the air conditioner up there to keep it reasonable. They weren’t doing this that day however, and that is when I started to worry. If they didn’t have the money to run the air conditioning then how were we going to stay open? I scanned all around for a HVAC service person making repairs but I saw nothing. I asked one of the secretaries why it was so hot and she just made the money sign with her hands. The end is nye.

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