We should switch rooms

I had never been west of the Mississippi River, so I decided to take a trip and see the Gold Coast. I envisioned warm days on the beach and night’s strolling along the sands. When I arrived, however, the weather was much colder than I had anticipated. I was happy that I had remembered to bring a jacket and long-sleeved shirts. When I checked into my hotel room, I immediately turned on the HVAC system. It was off when I entered the room, and the room was quite chilly. After checking the bed for bugs, I turned up the heat and prepared to be comfortable for the night. I turned on the television, hoping to to find something to watch. The HVAC unit was so loud that it kept me awake half the night. The room was plenty warm enough, but I couldn’t hear myself think while I was in it. If I turned it off, the room temperature dropped too quickly and then I was uncomfortable from that.  Since I was planning on staying for more than two nights, I decided to say something to the hotel staff about the HVAC system. I told them that the unit was really too noisy, and asked if I could switch rooms. Since it was near the Holidays, the they didn’t have any other rooms available. I had to stay in the room and deal with the loud HVAC unit. On my trip back home all I could think about was a night of peace and quiet in my own bed with my silent HVAC system.

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