Leaking windows

When my husband and I moved into his great aunt’s old house, he warned me that it had some issues. I was not in the mood to hear about any issues. I was  starstruck. My family had always lived in rundown old mobile homes, and now, I was moving into an adorable brick cottage-style home. It could have had yellow walls and green carpet for all I cared! We have now been in the house for almost a year, and now I see what he was saying about the issues. There are some things that need to be updated when we get the money to do so. The first is that we need to replace the flooring in the kitchen. It is currently ancient white tile, and it shows dirt really badly, and is almost impossible to clean. The next thing that the house needs are more energy efficient windows. Currently, the windows are metal, and they are very leaky. Sitting by the windows in the wintertime is like sitting in front of an air conditioning vent. You can feel the cold air leaking right through them! Of course, this means that our HVAC system has to work a whole lot harder to overcome the outside air let in by our windows. This results in higher energy bills. As much as we would like our home to be more energy efficient, though, we currently cannot afford to replace those old metal windows. For now, we will have to hope that our central heating will continue to overcome our old, leaky windows. Someday, though, I hope to replace those windows and the HVAC system.

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