I want to be a home owner

The concept of buying a fixer upper is all the rage these days.  Whether it is to flip a house and try to make a buck or to turn it into a dream home of your own, people are flocking to run down properties daily. Despite the fact that I am of the opinion that they are not as glamorous as they seem,  I currently live in what most people would term a fixer upper home. When we moved in, we were well aware that the house would need some significant renovations, but we did not have the budget for a new build so settled on what we could afford at the time. The money needed to complete everything at once was significant so we have completed projects as time and money have allowed. What we decided to do is tackle one project at a time. Work has progressed slowly because of this plan. It seems that every project we choose to tackle turns out to be more trouble and more costly than we imagined.  Our most recent project was trying to install a new HVAC unit. My husband is very handy and with most things we just do them ourselves, however, this was too much of an investment to not leave to the professionals. Unfortunately, as was our luck, the HVAC specialist told us that the system that we had chosen was not big enough to accommodate the square footage in our house. Then, he told us that we would need to install new HVAC ductwork as well because the ones in place were old, leaky, and not energy efficient. He explained that getting a new HVAC system would not solve all of our troubles unless we invested in the new ductwork too.

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