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On her trip out west last year my mom had some awful luck.  Not only did she have delays on her flights due to weather but her experience at one of the hotels where she stayed was downright horrible. She planned on spending two weeks and seeing some of the sights at National parks, but ended up coming home early because of it.  The delays put her in town almost a day late and when she arrived at her hotel she was told that they had sold her room to another guests because they assumed that she was not coming.  They were completely booked, and although they refunded her money, they did not have a room to offer her. She was forced to find other accommodations and there were only a few other hotels in the area.  She ended up in one of those roadside Motels, the kind you see in old 50’s movies.  They had a room that they told her would be perfect for her. After checking the bed for bugs, she went and tried to turn on the HVAC unit to get comfortable. The room was old and looked like it hadn’t been redecorated anytime in this century. The HVAC unit was louder than she had expected, and it kept her awake half the night. The room was comfortable temperature wise but that was about it. She was planning on staying a few days so she asked the clerk if they could do something about the noise.  They, like everyone else had no additional rooms but the clerk did offer her complementary ear plugs.  She decided that it was not worth it and cut her trip short.  

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