We put a new greenhouse in

I do a lot of gardening and I have our own greenhouse at home.  It’s an absolutely great set-up, and I enjoy working out there with our plants.  They are my pride and joy.   During fall and winter, I take all my produce to sell at the local farmers market. I appreciate almost everything about doing this. The only thing that I can’t stand is when it’s very hot outside and the greenhouse gets too warm.  When this happens, I have to take constant breaks so that I can go inside and sit in an air-conditioned space for a little while. This allows me to catch my breath. If I did not have a great HVAC system in my house, I don’t think that I would be able to do all the greenhouse work that I do. It just gets hot here some days for me to stay out there, luckily, I have the option of stopping whenever I want so I can go adjust the temperature control and sit beneath an air vent while I cool off a little bit. I absolutely love working with my hands and seeing plants thrive in my greenhouse. It’s so satisfying to me for some reason! Another perk of doing this is that I typically have fresh produce around. I rarely have to buy things from the grocery store, and that is a major benefit in my opinion! Gardening is so rewarding, and I think everyone should try to do it at least a little bit if they can.

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