The house is heated

I guess we’ve all seen those crazy people who run into the cold water and bounce around and say they have done the Polar Bear plunge.  They are crazy because they spend hard earned money for the privilege to freeze.  I dislike to walk across a cold floor in the middle of winter. Why would I jump into freezing water?  It seems that you would go numb instantly. Even I was numb, I wouldn’t even try it.  I have carpet on the floor in the winter, and I begged for radiant floor heating for several years.  I wanted to step onto sizzling and toasty floors and feel the heat go through me.  Maybe I’m just a wuss. However, every time I put my feet onto that sizzling floor, I feel like I am living in the lap of luxury.  I have told almost everyone about my radiant floor heating.  Most of them believe I am crazy, because I say that it is like living in a leather glove .  The air is soft and the heat is noticeable.  I appreciate my radiant floor heating, and I can’t believe I almost didn’t get it.  When my wife saw the cost, she genuinely scoffed at the decision.  Since then she has seen how well the cabin is heated, and how much cheaper it is to operate than a traditional gas furnace. Now she has become a total convert.  The we even have zone control and we can regulate the heat in all of the rooms.  She now wishes we had put in the radiant floor heating years ago.

HVAC system 

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