my bathroom has a new sink

I have recently updated our bathroom.  I rent an apartment from my Grandma, and since I only have to pay for the utilities, the rent is dirt cheap. To supplement for this, I do several repairs on our site. I want to leave the area in a better condition than when I got it.

The bathroom is the main arena I am focusing on. The floor had this ridiculous tile that was honestly destroyed due to water damage. I’m not certain if the tub, sink, or toilet leaked to create such water devastation. Whatever the cause, the floor was toast, and I had to rip it up to install a new one. Next, I caulked around the tub to mend any cracks; I didn’t want to lose water into my walls. Additionally, I snaked the drains in the tub and sink; I pulled out a load of hair, debris, and gross blockage. Now, the drainage with the plumbing is superior.

I had to replace some items.  I noticed that the toilet was not situated properly; every time someone sat down, the toilet seat shifted and the entire apparatus appeared as if it was going to fall over. I needed a whole new toilet, so I simply ripped out the old toilet, purchased a better and newer one, and I had my very own toilet upgrade. The last thing I did was pull out the sink with a newer and more reliable model. I used to not be able to turn a handle for hot water for the sink. Now,  I have superior water pressure and hot and cold water handles with full functionality. Bonus…The current sink is quite a bit roomier.

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