Keeping the air tight

Nothing fantastic can come from a new home that is not entirely airtight… One reason a leaky household is not fantastic is because of the utility bills! The Heating plus Air Conditioning system is on plus running, then that temperature controlled air flows straight out of the home. Your Heating plus Air Conditioning system is certainly killing itself plus you are not in total comfort. Another reason a leaky household is bad is because critters can get into your home plus cause all sorts of damage. Another reason is that radon can flow directly into your air quality as well. What is radon? Radon is a toxic gas that comes from the soil plus is literally everywhere. There is regularly a little bit of radon in the outside air quality. That is not so terrible, but it is not okay when the radon gets into your home’s air quality! How can the radon get into your household plus poison you? The radon comes in through cracks in your foundation, so radon can be in your basement. The radon comes in through the pores in your cement floor as well. Also basic entry points are gaps in walls, ceilings plus doors. The radon can be literally anywhere too. The basement could have radon or even your attic. Most homeowners don’t even know if they have radon in the household. The radon is nearly impossible to detect plus is rather harmful. To battle against radon levels, get your home sealed correctly. Redo those cement floors in your basement! Get the foundation fixed up as soon as possible. You really don’t want to have leaks in your air ducts with your Heating plus Air Conditioning system. An airtight home is much safer plus also will significantly lower your bills overtime. There is really no reason not to seal your home nice and tight.

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