Combining heating and air conditioning

About a month ago, we attended the county fair. We had a great time checking out the exhibits, eating the food, playing the games, and riding the rides. We saw a live concert and filled out a whole bunch of entries for free stuff. None of us expected to win anything. Only a couple of weeks after the fair, I got a call from a local HVAC supplier, who informed me that I had won a ductless heat pump. She wanted to schedule a time for the installation, so I made an appointment for several days later. She also told me to choose a location for the heat pump. At that point, I had no idea what a ductless heat pump actually was. I needed to go online to figure it out. Once I read up on all the benefits of a ductless heat pump, I was super excited. These systems generally cost several thousand dollars, and I got one for free. Plus, a ductless heat pump combines both heating plus cooling capacity, is very compact and exceptionally energy efficient. Although the machine only handles the temperature control in a single room, it would not be difficult to add numerous units. There is an outdoor component that is able to manage up to 8 indoor air handlers. The installation of the heat pump took only a few hours, and there was no major renovation or mess. The machine is modern looking, compact, and operates very quietly. I had the heat pump situated in the dining room, and it has greatly improved our comfort.  

heat pump unit 

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