This home is very historic

My younger sister just bought a historic home in neighborhood of a little town. She just received a promotion at work, and since she has no plans to get married anytime soon, she wanted to put extra money into something that she always wanted to do: re-establish a historic home. She bought the house for a low price, and while at first it seemed like the house would not need a great deal of work, she found that it was in bad shape, more than she assumed. Her biggest problem was trying to figure out how to modernize the house without removing its antique charm. The house isn’t even equipped with proper cooling or heating! The four previous owners of your home just made do with some window air conditioning units, but my sister thinks these are unsightly and inefficient. She need to get a brand new, energy powerful HVAC system installed. Unfortunately, because historic homes, there are many hoops that she has to jump to get that new HVAC unit installed. First of all, she has to get quotes from multiple HVAC companies to determine the best way to install heating and cooling ductwork without destroying the historical integrity of the home. Then, she has to get those plans approved through the local government. The whole process could take months and will be very expensive! Having HVAC would be really wonderful, but my sister is now doubting whether or not it is worth getting a new central air conditioning and heating systems installed!

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