These days are all cool

At age 44, I can recall little of school, this is because of years of actively trying to forget it, as well as more beers than a human being could possibly count; But what I do remember of the aged afternoons at school, I don’t recall with any particular  fondness! I did okay in school, and was moderately popular, there is just something about school that made me guess of being in jail. Bells ringing, trudging down concrete hallways from one room to the next, awful food, no freedom, how do people remember it fondly? And just like being in prison, one has no control over the heating and cooling situation at any moment! When I am at home, or even at work, I have access to a thermostat and can adjust the weather conditions control to something that is comfortable. In school, you just have to deal with the temperature controls no matter how they are set. If you are too cold, that’s too bad you can’t turn on the gas furnace. If you are too hot that’s too bad you cannot access the air conditioner! Of course there was a lot more going on those afternoons, and I particularly didn’t even guess about the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system often, but looking back it’s one of the multiple things I didn’t like. When my adolescents went to school they complained about the heating over the winter, and I knew how they felt. I told them that I survived not having a fantastic oil furnace in school, and that they would, too.

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