The air is wet

I grew up in a tiny neighborhood on the coast of the Pacific Northwest… And when I say I was on the coast, I mean it. Our town was near the edge of a steep cliff that lead straight down into a harbor on the coast, i could literally pick up a piece of gravel in our driveway as well as throw it into the ocean, that’s how close all of us were, however the two of us moved away when I was a kid, however our family never sold the house, which is how I was able to head back there last year. The beach house was exactly as all of us had left it, right down to the lack of air conditioning system, as well as a single aged wood burning furnace in the corner of the residing room. The furnace was so aged that it was also designed to be a laboring stove, however it was still in amazing shape. The weather there is so nice as well as temperate, with so few heat waves, that I decided to forgo installing a central air conditioning system device as well as just get a window A/C device for our dining room… With that to cool myself and others off, as well as the aged furnace to keep myself and others warm, I figured that would be all I needed. What I hadn’t considered was all the other features that come with a modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, such as the air filters to clean the air as well as the dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the environment! Because of this, I have to battle a lot of mildew as well as mold in our house, however aside from that I am certainly blissful with the furnace.

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