Radon problems

My friend Danielle recently got diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a shock to everyone since Danielle does not smoke and is a huge health nut. Everyone handles grief differently. My way is that I research and try to understand the situation better. I did not know what caused her cancer. So I researched all about cancer and odd things that can cause cancer. That is how I stumbled upon radon. Radon is a cancer causing gas. The gas is due to decaying uranium. All types of homes can have radon problems. New or old, well insulated or drafty can cause the radon problems. Even though radon is found in soil, water or rock and typically is at the lowest level in the house, a basement does not affect it either. You can have dangerous radon with no basement. Most people don’t know that they have dangerous radon due to the gas being odorless, tasteless and colorless. Also most homes do not have specific radon detectors set up in place. I looked around Danielle’s home and did not see a detector anywhere. I also found online that the second leading cause of lung cancer is radon. I wonder if that is what caused it in her. I really want to ask, but that is such a horrible thing to bring up. Also what if she does not know the cause? I don’t want her paranoid in her own home. But, I feel like I should warn her in case other members of her family could get lung cancer too.

radon testing equipment 

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