I think this has to do with human error

I recently set up a guitar shop in a big city. I have been collecting guitars overtime, fixing them up and adding more to each instrument. My guitars are worth a ton of money and most of them are antiques. My guitar shop sells the equipment and also I teach guitar lessons. Since the guitars were so expensive, and I was situated in a big city, I invested in an integrated security system. I got video surveillance installation for my little building. Also I had paid for security system installation in the building. The video surveillance system has video cameras set up in my building and detects if there is movement in my building. I feel like my building and equipment is more safe using this system. What is great too is that my insurance lowered with having this type of security. I also feel assured that if something did happen, I would be able to provide evidence to the cops on the perpetrator. The cameras are set up internally and outside of the building. I have no employees, so I want to know if anyone is loitered inside or outside of my building. I also incorporated analytics into my surveillance system. This has pre-defined measures inside my building that I have set with an alarm. I also use intrusion detection, which is like a more complicated burglar alarm. I have the detection set up on the doors, windows and the classrooms that I teach guitar lessons in. I love having the security systems in my shop. I just feel way more safe.

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