Air leaks are a problem

My husband Allen and I recently moved into a beautiful new home. We are really happy with it.  The house reminds me of something from a motion picture. The home has all wood floors throughout, stainless steel appliances, and an enormous front porch. Allen and I went ahead and put a ton of money into quality furniture, a new surround sound, upgrades to the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, and various little items. When we decided to redo the basement and add  a gym, we found out that we have dangerous levels of radon gas. Radon is a radioactive gas which is prevalent in our area.  It is the result of  decaying uranium in rock, soil or water. The gas is poisonous and has been linked to cancer and other ailments.  Rather than install a quality fitness room, we were forced to rid the home of radon. Allen had to purchase and install pipes which carry the toxic gas out of our home. The pipes were plenty expensive, and we also needed a large fan.  The project  took forever.  We then needed to install concrete over the pipes to hide how ugly they are.  We are happy that we are now  radon free. However, the fitness room is going to be put off for awhile.  We are in debt. Allen and I spent too much money on the house, the furnishings, and the radon repair. We took out a sizable loan, and are in further debt over the half finished basement. All of our issues and wasted time were caused by the radon gas. We would  not even have realized it was there if  my husband had not thought to test for it.

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