What’s going on in my air duct?

This past weekend consisted of an event of epic proportions! I do not even know where to begin with describing it! My Dad had scheduled a massive house party for the end of Summer celebration the two of us regularly had as a family! We were going to have a large barbecue outside, and just have a wonderful time. Unfortunately, we had an appointment for HVAC repairs for the same morning. My cousin Larry is quite handy with tools, and him and his best buddy Donald agreed to tackle our heating and cooling plan repairs for a “reduced price.” My Dad is very tight with his currency, so he was quick to agree, however the fun began when Donald found some “disturbances” is the air duct. He was looking for cracks and leaks, however he found “proof of life.” Some type of creature had been nesting in the air duct. It did not take long for Donald to run down the attic stairs screaming, with a small rodent chasing him. I never laughed so hard. Meanwhile, our cousin Larry was trying to repair the outdoor portion of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. He was tinkering around with his tools, when suddenly, a goose crept up behind him and honked right next to his ear! He threw down his HVAC equipment and booked it away and out into the yard! After all the creature induced humor, our cousin got back to fixing the HVAC system. It took them a couple of hours to get the whole cooling system back in running order, but it sure gave us some great comedy relief.

HVAC duct 

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