What radon gas is

As a realtor, I was handing out a pamphlet that discussed what radon gas was, to anyone that was looking at a new house.  I felt that it was my duty, as a realtor, to make people aware of the importance to do testing.  Normal water and sewage testing, was done automatically, but a lot of inspectors still wasn’t doing the radon testing.  The radon testing kit is on the same order as the test for mold.  It is a small petri dish that has certain chemicals on it that will pick up on mold, if that is what you are testing for, or radon.  The radon petri dish is placed in the basement.  Depending on the size of the basement, they may place several radon kits around.  They are placed where there is little air movement.  They should never be near a door or a window.  It takes some time before the test is sent back to the lab.  Once the lab reads the results, then comes the radon mitigation stage.  There is a length of PVC pipe that pulls the gas from the basement and it is forced to the outside air by a fan.  It really is a simple process, and most new buildings already have the radon mitigation system in place.  If you have mold in your home, it can be more deadly than the radon, but just the thought of radon is frightening.  If you are buying a home, ask for the radon testing to be done, and make sure you have a pamphlet from your realtor.

radon mitigation 

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