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Eastern Europe is one of our favorite places to travel, and there are multiple reasons to visit this part of the world. It has something for all people to enjoy.  The cities are magnificent with archaic architecture found nearly everywhere. And that doesn’t even include the amazing art museums and symphonies found there.  There are also dozens of outdoor activities to do like rafting, hiking, and rock climbing on the mountains. The countryside is unbelievably interesting. It contains multiple hidden ancient ruins, and there is even a pyramid which is more massive and probably even older than the pyramid in Giza. This pyramid is currently under excavation and it contains numerous rooms. Apparently, the rooms were even heated and cooled back when they were in use.  Underground rivers and hot springs are located around the mountain and it’s thought that they are somehow linked to the rooms. I initially thought that this was the perfect form of early air conditioning. This as-yet undiscovered kind of A/C (if that is indeed what it was) involved zero consumption of energy. Yet it still efficiently heated and cooled the rooms deep within a giant pyramid. I once commented to a colleague that the ancient “Heating and A/C” found at this archeological dig was quite a bit better than our ancient forced air, gas, and oil furnaces or central air units back home. It was also better than what we were using in the little village where all of us were staying. Ironically, my room in the tiny little village had heat since Eastern European winter seasons are really cold, but unfortunately, it lacked air conditioning. The room ended up being suffocatingly hot when I was there during the day.  Thankfully, our guide was generous enough to take us to the ancient “air conditioned” chambers of the archeological dig on hot days. We were even allowed to help assist with unmasking the mysterious structure by helping to haul rocks out of the excavated areas.   

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