Our radon problems won’t go away

Now, more than ever before, people are concerned about radon gas.  I doubt there are many people who couldn’t explain what radon gas is.  Some may not even have a clue where it comes from, or how it is created.  They are usually aware that it needs to be kept out of the home.  I think people should be more informed and know that radon gas can also be found in the drinking water that is provided from their wells.  Most wells have a source that bubbles through the ground.  The gas is typically released as the water filters through soil & rocks.  There are wells that aren’t  deep enough to properly filter out contaminants.  There is have a direct line between the well to the water faucet.  The problem is that the water isn’t sufficiently filtered before it flows from the faucet.  If the filtering isn’t sufficient, microorganisms aren’t the biggest concern. There could be radon gas present.  In this scenario, a filtration system can be put in place that will resolve the problem.  The problem first needs to be detected.  It is best to have drinking water tested to know what you’re dealing with.  You don’t want your family ingesting radon gas.  A filter for the water is effective in that it captures microorganisms and helps to eliminate the radon gas in the water.  The water is then healthy to drink & cook with.  If you have any concerns, take proactive measures.  It’s better to treat the problem than ignore it.  Solving radon gas problems is simple, effective and not overly expensive.   

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