Nobody likes a warm drink

We love to have parties and gatherings for our friends at our house! My wife and I are celebrated amongst our community for having the best parties and we take this with pride. Sometimes, I often muse that there couldn’t have possibly been parties to the scale in which we throw them now before we moved into the community around fifteen years ago. I also like to muse that after we are gone, there will never again be parties like this. It sounds like a lot to aspire to, but what would life be without setting goals? Last month all of us were having a great time at another one of our wild parties when we nearly had a disaster. We had so many people show up that we needed to stock up on a sizable amount of beverages to drink. Since it would be absurd to buy that many refrigerators, and not to mention a waste of time, we felt it would be easiest to put the beverages in a side room in the basement with the air conditioning turned all the way up. Well, suddenly the air conditioner was blowing out hot air and we quickly called the HVAC company that services our system. In the meantime, I turned the air off and tried to keep myself busy entertaining the crowd. Luckily he showed up quickly and wasted no time getting to work on repairing the system. Soon, he figured out why the air conditioning was broken and had it fixed before the beverages became warm. I happily served him a complimentary meal before he left to go back to work.

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