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I just recently had to get my septic tank cleaned out. That is literally the grossest thing I have ever encountered before. The septic tank literally creates layers of waste to separate all the material out. The liquid layer is the one that gets pumped down the drain line and out of your tank. There is a layer of debris that can’t go into the Earth. My septic tank had a lot of items in it aht did not degrade. I realized that my error was that I was flushing things down my toilets and pipes that could not be flushed. So the items just stayed in the tank and eventually backed up my septic system. The items that I flushed that were no good was tampons, condoms and plastic cotton swabs. None of these items degraded. Instead they went down my piping all the way in the septic system. I apparently flushed so many of them that the septic tank eventually clogged and backed up. Then I had to get a plumber to come in to perform septic tank cleaning. It was a mess, gross and a ton of money. I really should have been more careful on what I flush. I just assumed that if the item was small, it could flush easily. It never occurred to me to think of the material that the item was made of. I also did some research on the items that I flush. Apparently my tampons could have ruined the sewage grinder as well. That would have been horrible to replace as well. Now I am trying to be careful before I flush anything down the toilet.

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