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After I moved into my new house, I knew that I would need an HVAC company. Sure, I did not need their services yet, but I wanted to have their information in case something happened with my HVAC system. I am not one to wait around to do something. I like to be proactive in all situations. Then I am never taken by surprise. I started asking some of my friends about which HVAC company they used. Many of my friends told me that they had not had their HVAC system serviced in years! In fact, some of my friends even laughed at me when I posed the question to them. I was in disbelief. I guess a few of my friends were not proactive. Then I had no choice but to turn to the internet. It is amazing the things that you can do on the internet these days. I pay all of my bills online, shop online, and read the news. I no longer have cable TV! In addition to all these things, it is simple to research companies. Many clients post reviews about what they liked or disliked about companies. HVAC companies have many reviews too. I was able to find the best HVAC companies in my town. It was so helpful. I have never posted a review online, but I might start after reading some reviews about the local HVAC companies. I learned a lot and created a spreadsheet highlighting the best HVAC companies. I then took down all of their contact information and inserted it. I decided not to choose just one HVAC company, but made a list of the three best reviewed HVAC companies in town.

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