I know the basement could be dryer

I used to know what my ideal apartment was plus imagine what the inside will look like. I wanted all styles of floors, a large room for our books plus I wanted it to be basically a large glass structure. As I get more aged I am noticing that my priorities change. I don’t need hardwood spaces, I just want decent water. I have grown up in a place that has hard water. The water is taken from an underground source. The water then heads to our hot water tank, heated by the water furnace plus then it leaks out of our fixtures. It sounds just like a wonderful method right? You don’t have to get any town water plus it almost sounds like the water is nicer. Why wouldn’t water under the ground be super fresh? It actually is filled with debris like, calcium plus lime. The water is icky to have. All of our apartment items tend to rust plus get damaged due to the water. The shower drains are orange like. The toilet is a rusted looking one. Also the water tends to not allow soaps too get any suds. So the soap suds blocks the drainage frequently. No amount of washing products fix the stains plus no water softeners help the drainage. The water is basically a damaging product, however using bleach causes the fixtures to turn yellow. Water cleaners are just a waste of money since nothing will fix it. I dislike dealing with this type of water disaster everyday.

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