A garbage disposal

I never dealt with drainage complaints when I had short hair. I decided to grow our hair out a few years ago.  I wanted to see how long my hair would get.  At this point, I have grown my hair down to my waist.  I like how my hair looks, but the amount I shed is causing difficulties. I leave behind long hairs all over the seats of the car, the rugs and furniture. I am careful I don’t drop hair in the food I prepare. I have noticed that the drains in the bathroom have given me more problems as well.  Just about everyday I have no choice but to take the cover off the drain in the shower. I then dig out all the hair I can get with my fingers. Sometimes I need use a plumber’s snake to access further down the drain. All of these efforts are  to remove an accumulation of soap scum and balls of hair from the drain. I am convinced that if I am not diligent with drain cleaning, I will be faced with a big plumbing problem. If ignored too long, the buildup of hair could result in a clog. That would leave me with dirty shower water that won’t drain. Also,  this could be just the beginning of further plumbing malfunctions.  The whole plumbing system is linked and all components directly affect each other. Something as tiny as a stubborn hair ball can lead to property damage and costly repairs. I complete  drain cleaning frequently and also pour drain cleaning chemicals down the pipes every other months. I should get on a yearly, professional plumbing maintenance service performed by a licensed plumber.  A plumber has the specialized tools to reach further down the pipes.

plumbing system 

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