I have a bad refrigerant leak

It was the middle of summer and I had my A/C really blasting. I had to overcompensate because it wasn’t as cool as usual. I looked at some DIY maintenance tips and cleaned the outdoor condenser and made sure there was a fresh air filter installed. It was still too hot even though my HVAC system was really going. I thought this would cost me a fortune on my utility bill. I wasn’t even getting satisfactory cooling. I called the local HVAC Company and they sent out a technician right away. I provided him the maintenance history of my system and he looked everything over. He informed me that I had a refrigerant leak. He explained that he would fix the leak promptly and then refill the lost refrigerant. He said that he would also like to clean the ductwork to make sure everything is running efficiently and hopefully I could enjoy some savings in energy costs. He handled the job just as he said he would and my air conditioning was working fantastically after that. I was very grateful to this nice HVAC technician for really coming through for me. I was a little concerned that my system was too old. I asked the technician about that and he said he thought the system should last a number of more years. I was very happy to hear this and I was now reveling in the new found efficiency in my system. I sure was glad I called the HVAC technician because I don’t think I would have discovered that leak. I certainly wouldn’t know how to fix it even if I did. Some things must be left to the professionals.

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